Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to avert a kitchen disaster

Picture this: You've made a cake for a special occasion and it's turned out very nicely. Except.... in the process of moving it from cooling rack to plate, it falls apart. Like, into three or four pieces.

Do you: 

a) Panic and begin baking another cake?
b) Run to the bakery and buy something instead?
c) Pile a whole lot of fruit on top to hide the damage and serve it up anyway? 

Of course, the correct answer is C.

I have many cake near-disasters, but I find that dumping strawberries, candied orange slices, or some other fruit on top can save just about anything.

You're welcome.

This was Liz's "cake with nothing in it". If you haven't made it, you ought to. Divine. 


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