Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recipe enhancement

I've created yet another variation of my oat & fruit bakes - this one is perfect for me at the moment, as it's a low FODMAPs recipe. But there's nothing odd about it, no obscure ingredients or anything like that, so don't worry still tastes great.

It's a really nice combo - strawberry and rhubarb.  Hop over and check it out.

You might notice that this image is a cut above my usual quick snaps. It's hard to get good shots when you're photographing your meal just before you eat it and making do with whatever light you have available - usually at night or early in the morning when there's no natural daylight. Not to mention that you're probably salivating all over the subject because you're starving...

So I'm finally making use of all the tips I've collected over the years and getting more serious about my food photography. I've hauled out the tripod and switched my camera away from its full auto settings. My collection of odd crockery and glassware is being called into service and I'll try to take advantage of weekend daylight to set up my shots. Hopefully, I can come up with photos that do justice to the food I'm photographing.

The one above was shot next to a window in the early afternoon. Even after adjusting the camera's white balance for the conditions and adding a reflector, I still needed to bounce my flash off the ceiling to light the shot properly. It took about thirty shots to get one I was happy with. Thank goodness for digital photos - I'd have gone through a lot of film in the old days.

Of course, this may mean that I'll have to cook all our dinners in the middle of the day. On the weekends. I'm sure nobody will mind their food being reheated... ;)

Spot the difference. Tungsten light - aargh! Tricky. 



Sara said...

Nice! I'm inspired, but probably too lazy to make the effort myself. Really, this looks professional, you did great!

Kek said...

Nah, it's pretty easy. Especially if it's not something you're about to eat right away...

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