Thursday, July 11, 2013

Winners and losers

First up, I have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the AntiOx chocolate giveaway. Remember that? Yes, it was a while ago. Unfortunately there was a bit of a delay in the decision-making process, but the wait is finally over.

The two lucky winners are .....

MichVee and KSavwater. Congratulations to both of you - I'll be in touch to get your mailing addresses so your prizes can be sent to you. :)

Thanks to all those who entered, and I'm sorry I can't give you all a lovely prize of free chocolate, but:

OK, so there are TWO in this case. Shut up.


Now, onto the Losers. Or LOSER (singular).

I wasn't doing too much winning myself yesterday. I'd just got to work and after turning on my computer wandered off to put my lunch in the fridge and make a cup of tea. I shoved my phone in my blazer pocket so I'd have both hands free without having to put the Precious down on the always wet or generally scuzzy benchtops in the kitchen.

On my way back from the kitchen, I put my cuppa down on a handy table and ducked into the Ladies. I completed my business, remarkably without tucking my skirt into my tights or getting toilet paper stuck to my shoe and turned to wave my hand in front of the high-tech touch-free flush buttons.


I hardly had time to think "What was that?" before I glanced down to see the Precious sitting in the toilet bowl. IN THE UNFLUSHED TOILET BOWL. I didn't even hesitate before plunging my hand right in and grabbing the phone. - What? Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing.

I wrapped it in approximately a thousand feet of toilet paper and then in fifty layers of paper towel, before unwrapping it again to pull off the cover and switch it off. I re-wrapped it in clean paper towel and headed back to my desk to Google "iPhone dropped in water". It's now sitting in a container of rice and I'm hopeful that it will survive. We'll find out tonight...

Meanwhile, I'm phoneless, as SIM cards are now so tiny you can barely see them with the naked eye, which means that mine won't fit in any of our old phones. Seriously, another day of this might just send me mental. Instead of filling my spare moments with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and obsessively checking my email, I actually have to speak to other humans. Face to face. O_o

If fate smiles on me and the damn thing still works, I'm going to start keeping it in a ziplock bag.


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Sara said...

:D I have never done the phone down the loo thing. But, given my history with it, I probably wouldn't notice and would have to call it and wonder why there were bubbles and watery sounds coming from the bowl. Best of luck for the recovery.... xx

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