Saturday, August 31, 2013

My week in pictures

Life is busy. My brain may be too tired to make words, but there's always time to snap a quick photo with my here's the week that was.

The definition of happy: waking up to this on the last day of winter...

No, not the friday night clutter; the magnificent sunshine!
The definition of thoughtful: a bright bunch of flowers, bought for me by Bike Boy for no particular reason.

The definition of delicious: paella.

The definition of procrastination: Getting your holiday photos printed into a hardcover book - two weeks before the first anniversary of your trip.

54 pages - just the highlights. 
The definition of scary: sitting in the passenger seat of your car, with your teenager in control of the vehicle.
A view that strikes fear into the heart of every parent. 
The definition of "Are we there yet?" - university open days.

The brand new and funky molecular science building at La Trobe Uni. Kind of stands out amongst
the boring beige brick buildings from back in my day...

Spring arrives tomorrow, the days are getting longer and we've been having 20º+ temperatures. The federal election is a week away, which means this painfully irritating campaign bollocks will be all over. It's two weeks till the end of school term, for which we're all extremely grateful. This final year for the final child has been a killer. Then there's only three or four weeks of fourth term before they're into final exams. Phew. It'll be November before we know it and I have Melbourne Cup week off, as usual.

I'm hoping my brain comes back to life after that. We'll see.



Debbish said...

Love the colour of your living room! My current place is so white!!! It's also small, so perhaps I should leave it that way.

We've had some higher temps here in Qld as well. I love winter so am sad to see it end. Guess we've got a short period of pleasant weather before the heat of summer arrives though. (Small mercies etc etc!)

Kek said...

I think white works well in small spaces, Deb - you can always add colour with a rug, cushions & throws, artwork and so on.

I'm loving this weather - we rarely get 20+ days at this time. Today it's 25º and I'm seriously thinking about changing into shorts. :)

Sara said...

'L' plates strike fear into everyone.. BUT, your complete freedom is just around the corner. ;)

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