Friday, August 16, 2013

Paris, Pinterest and Dr Patrick

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a mixed bag at Chez Kek. I've been sick, Bike Boy's been sick, everyone's grumpy and I've had a bad case of can't-be-arsed when it comes to most things. There have been numerous early nights, some reading, a fair bit of pinning and not a lot of anything getting done around here.

It hasn't been all bad though. Here are a few things I've discovered you can do, even when you have almost zero energy or inclination:

1. Interrogate your well-travelled friends and colleagues for all the hot tips on how-to, where-to and so on. I've made some good progress on the Europe trip 2014 research front. I've also picked the brains of all the travel agents near my office and raided their stocks of glossy brochures, plus trawled every travel Pin, website and forum for extra advice, so the plan is beginning to solidify. Although it does keep changing on an almost hourly basis.

Ah, Paris..... [source]

2. Use all those pretty pictures you spend hours obsessively pinning for inspiration to actually DO stuff. I have a few projects on the go, among them organising my jewellery - it drives me NUTS when I'm running late in the morning and can't find the pair of earrings I want to go with my outfit... Plus, if things aren't in plain sight, I forget I even have them. I like things tidy, but if it's stuffed in a drawer, chances are it's not going to get worn.

This is an ongoing project, but look what you can do with a few cut glass things from $2 Shops and an empty mineral water bottle that was such a pretty turquoise, you had to save it. I knew that would come in handy one day:

For less than $10 - no more tangled chains. Buddha approves.

3. When you see a competition pop up in your Facebook news feed, ENTER IT. You never know what might happen. Wait. I'll back up a bit....

For those folks outside Australia (or anyone who's been living under a rock), last week's episode of the TV show Offspring caused an uproar amongst fans when the writers killed off the hunky male lead, Dr Patrick Reid, played by Matt Le Nevez. OMG. Who are we going to ogle on Wednesday nights NOW?

The final episode of the season, which included Patrick's funeral *sob* was scheduled to air on Wednesday this week. The day after the tragic demise of Dr Hunky, I spotted radio station Mix FM's contest offering a private screening of the show before it went to air on TV. I quickly banged out an entry and promptly forgot all about it.

So on Wednesday morning, I'm halfway through breakfast when my phone rings at 6:45am. I answer, and it's Chrissie Swan. Eeeeeee! She asks how I'm coping after the death of Dr Patrick and I mumble something stupid and then she says: Hang on, there's someone here who wants to talk to you and SHE PUTS MATT LE NEVEZ ON THE PHONE. Cue awkward star-struck incoherence. 

People have asked me: What did he say? and you know what? I have no freaking idea. He could have recited the alphabet and I would still have acted like a giggling schoolgirl. *face plant*

Anyhoo, I got to go along to the posh Cullen Hotel after work on Wednesday evening and watch the final episode (MINUS ad breaks!) before it actually aired, with Chrissie and Jane and about forty-odd die-hard Offspring fans, all dressed in black. There was fancy finger food, plenty of tissues supplied, it was a bit of fun, and I was home in time to watch it all over again on TV. :)

*sniff* Never forgotten...

Today, sadly, there have been no phone calls from sexy TV stars; only grocery shopping, piles of washing, some work to complete and a decision to be made on what to cook for dinner. Hmm, maybe Pinterest has the answer to that last one...



Sara said...

I can just imagine how cute you were on the phone! I love winning stuff. Actually today I walked into an op shop and found, for $4 each, a denim jacket and denim waistcoat, just like I needed to complete some looks I've pinned. That was like winning $150 (the cost of buying them new) and I squeee'd.

Sara said...

Also, my commiserations for your terrible loss. Gone but never forgotten. Only time will ease your pain.

Kek said...

I love op-shopping! I don't have a lot of time to indulge though - and you do need time to trawl through the racks of musty old tat to find the gems. My beloved denim jacket was a $7 op shop bargain. Sadly, it's now too big and must be replaced. :(

And thanks for your kind thoughts at this sad time. You can always send chocolate, you know...

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