Monday, September 30, 2013

Lamb, with love

As I mentioned previously, Bike Boy took advantage of a sudden drop in lamb prices this week to pick up one of our all-time favourite cuts: lamb shanks. If you've never cooked shanks, you don't know what you're missing. Roasted or slow-cooked in a casserole, they turn out incredibly moist and tender - and they go well with so many flavours: Italian, French, Moroccan...we even had an incredible Chinese dish some years ago at a fancy-pants Chinatown restaurant.

Pretty much any cut is my favourite, as long as it's lamb... 

After searching umpteen recipe books in the quest to find a suitable recipe for my dodgy gut, he gave up and made this one up from scratch. Yes, he is good and yes, I am keeping him.

Rather than play our usual game of "What did you put in that dish?", I asked the man himself to write up the recipe for me. So I give you ....Mediterranean lamb shanks, a guest post by Bike Boy. Ta-dah!

Those of you familiar with FODMAPs will note that the recipe contains onion and garlic - that's not an oversight; it's because I was testing my tolerance to the smelly bulbs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page below the recipe and you'll see my suggested modifications to make it work for folks who are ultra-sensitive to fructans.

You have to make this! You will love it, I promise. Shepherd's honour.


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