Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nearly there

We're at the pointy end of the school year here, with an added degree of difficulty because it's Year 12.... The Baby's last year of high school. The kid has had a lot on his plate this year, with his part time job at Macca's and completing a Certificate III in Retail to boot.  I've paused several times along the way to ask: Are we there, yet?

The past couple of months has been a flurry of activity, not just for the student, but for us as well. In August, he still had no idea what he wanted to do next year. Mum to the rescue... I grabbed a copy of the VTAC Guide and spent some time going through it and highlighting all the courses that looked vaguely interesting and that weren't at a campus somewhere in Upper Kumbukta West. I sent him to the careers office at school, took him (and his entourage) to the Uni open days and Hallelujah! He found a course that suits his study path, that really interests him and that has great job prospects. And it's just down the road at La Trobe University. Bonus!

Then we had the online VTAC applications, plus some extra documents that were required to be lodged - for which he almost missed the deadline, but: Mum to the rescue! I drove to the other side of the city in my lunch break and lodged the forms at the VTAC office a few hours before applications closed. Am awesome mother. :)

I nagged encouraged him to attend the extra classes and practice exams that were held during the holidays and drove him to school or to the library, when I really could have used the holidays to get myself to work early and knock down my flex-time debit.

I spent most of last weekend supervising driving practice and making a costume for him to wear to Muck-up Day next week. He had an idea in his head and nothing else would do - it had to be this particular thing and we could not buy or hire an appropriate costume anywhere....

This week is a flurry of revision, more practice exams and pressure, pressure, pressure. There's the formal next week and then exams start for real the following week. Last night was spent helping him write a scholarship application. Fingers crossed for that. It would be nice for the kid to finish uni with a less crippling HECS debt.

I'm just hanging on and praying for October to be OVER. There will be a brief and blessed pause for a week of study leave before they start exams on the 30th. He'll be all finished mid-November, and then we wait for results in December.

Whilst I am really looking forward to no more school drop-offs, school fees, book list nightmares, uniform expenses and so on, I am a bit taken aback by how fast the years have flown by. I stopped for a brief moment the other day and looked at my tall, gangling young man and wondered where on earth the past six years went.

First day of high school, January 2008
Life is about to change once again. Bring on the next stage - I foresee more freedom, more available cash and perhaps one of them might even leave home... I can hope, right?



Magda said...

What a brilliant post Kek. Yes we mums can (and do) save the world many times over LOL. I love the photo and the look on your boy's face "can we get this over and done with now." I'm predicting a similar picture here in a year's time when Mitchell moves into Middle School (he's at a school that takes them from child care to year 12 so he just moves through the various sub-schools).

Wishing your son all the best for good results and an easy transition into the course of his choice.

xx m

Kek said...

Thanks, Magda. I'm thankful I don't have to sit in an ice box on weekends, like you. Do NOT like the cold.

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