Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recipe alert! Chicken & yoghurt curry - low-FODMAPs version

I may not be present here very often at the moment, but I AM busy doing stuff in real life - like modifying some old favourite recipes so that they don't upset my over-delicate digestive system.  :)

Delicious curries are kind of tricky when you have to avoid or seriously restrict onion, but I never admit defeat. This chicken curry, based on a Charmaine Solomon recipe has now been revamped and I pronounce it GOOD.

I've managed to seriously reduce the fructan content in it, without losing the flavour. Yay!

It tastes much better than it looks, honest!
This recipe is also really, really easy. Give it a go: Chicken and yoghurt curry.



Debbish said...

Looks yummy! Could I use sour cream instead of yoghurt?

Kek said...

I think you could, Deb - I much prefer yoghurt myself, but it would be worth a try.

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