Friday, November 22, 2013

Little help?

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Dear Internet,

I have a deep love of cheesecake. It's not something I eat often, but it's one of my all-time favourite desserts. Lemon cheesecake, berry cheesecake, choc-mint cheesecake...any kind is fine with me.

Here's the thing though - lactose intolerance means that I can't eat ANY of the cheeses used in cheesecake. Ricotta, cottage, cream cheese, mascarpone and quark are all out. Initially I wasn't particularly concerned by that - I knew there were heaps of alternative recipes around; after all, I see them all the time on Pinterest and on healthy foodie blogs. But it turns out that all the dairy-free, raw or Paleo recipes use cashews (and usually dates too), which are O.U.T. for me. Avocado is another favourite ingredient for creamy texture, but I can't have more than a very small amount of that either.

No cheese, no cashews, no avocado, no sour cream either. What's left? I thought Greek yoghurt and/or coconut milk seemed likely candidates, possibly with some gelatine added. But do you think I can find a single recipe that doesn't also have dairy or cashews in it? Nuh-uh. I've tried low-FODMAPs recipe books and websites, but they all seem to ignore the fact that lactose is a FODMAP. I've lost count of the number of recipes I've found that are marked "low FODMAPs" but include cream cheese or whipped cream as main ingredients. Aargh!

So I'm hoping one of my readers might have come across a suitable recipe. Anyone got something? And please don't suggest soy products. Just don't.

Yours in hope,



Sara said...


Nom nom.

Sara said...

Obviously use something else instead of dates (apricots..?),but otherwise, I think it's ok?

Kek said...

Apricots are out too, but the base isn't a drama, I can easily use some kind of flour to create one. The filling sounds great..but one and a half cups of coconut butter? That's going to take about six cups of coconut and may kill my food processor. ;) I might be able to do something with this recipe though, ta!

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