Friday, November 29, 2013

Ups and downs

I've been handling my modified diet reasonably well since I started this whole FODMAPs thing back in July, but last night tears were shed. I had one of those moments when you just get to the end of your rope and suddenly the floodgates open.

It was a combination of a moderately bad flare-up of symptoms (the worst part of which was constant, grinding pain over several days) and a mental melt-down over the theme of "I'm so sick of this, I just want to eat whatever I like!" Ack.

I resorted to my old friends paracetamol and codeine and took myself off to the couch with a blanket and my wheat pack to indulge in a big old pity party. Bike Boy, not being able to do anything else to help, thoughtfully brought me a glass of red wine. I called on my Facebook friends to cheer me up and they obliged in spades, with funny cat pictures, silly jokes and videos. There's nothing like a good laugh to get you out of a funk.

This morning I'm feeling a lot better and I think I may know where I went wrong... Coconut and cabbage contain moderate amounts of polyols, and are considered safe to eat - in small serves. I've had FOUR largish serves of cabbage this week in my Vietnamese green mango salads, and there's both desiccated coconut and coconut flour in my mulberry slice, which I've eaten every day. I haven't gone over the recommended amount in any single serve - well, maybe the cabbage - but because FODMAPs have a compounding effect, I've probably overdosed majorly on sorbitol, which would explain why I've felt so shite. Oops.

Looks like it's back to a super-low FODMAPs regime again for a week or two to let things settle down.

There'll be no feeling sorry for myself today; I'm far too busy. I've shopped for party food this morning for tomorrow night's big do and will be cooking and cleaning like a madwoman for the rest of the day. I'm making sure that there's food that I can eat at this party. I'll avoid the bought party pies, spring rolls, meatballs etc and whip up a couple of tasty treats that won't give me a belly-ache. I'm thinking this and this. And of course there'll be a flourless orange cake and Death by Chocolate, as well as a fruit platter for dessert.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a moment to feel grateful for the many good things in my life. Like the breathtaking sights five minutes from my front door...

Last Wednesday's sunrise

Yes? Can I help you?

Amazing light - and critters

Spotting a wedgetail eagle in flight always gives me a thrill. 

I'd love to head out for a walk right now with camera in hand, but I have floors to mop and cakes to bake. Better get moving!  :)



Charlotte Orr said...

Love that eagle pic. Glad you are on the mend. Hope the party goes well!

Sara said...

Aw sweetie! I totally missed your Facebook party, probably because I was having my own pity party about my sore shoulder. Not being able to do much with my right arm is really.... "frustrating" (haha, I'll keep my language nice in your blog comments), plus the pain is quite intense. Cabbage! Cabbage is quite high in FODMAPS (but I'm sure you know this and thought those were not the problematic ones, right?). Many people have issues with it, including me, and I wouldn't say my stomach is sensitive, more like cast-iron most of the time. You'll probably be able to eat sauerkraut though as the bacteria ferment the FODMAPS. Wine and good TV and TLC from friends and family. Cures nearly everything. XX

Sara said...

BTW, I love you a lot and that's why I went to the bother of typing out that comment a second time after I accidentally hit 'sign out' instead of publish. ;) I'll adapt one day.

Debbish said...

Stunning pics but I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing problems. It sounds as if you're starting to get some answers though. I need to do something about my stomach / what I eat. I've only been on one walk with a friend in the last two weeks and I got WAY out on the pier and was desperate to go to the loo. I mean REALLY desperate. She was asking if I wanted to run and said I didn't think that would help. It's a horrible horrible feeling to have an often-upset stomach! xxx

Kek said...

I've had days of no symptoms now, which is a great joy. :) I'm grateful that wine and chocolate are low in FODMAPs. :D

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