Sunday, December 29, 2013


I've collected a huge number of recipes on Pinterest that are low-FODMAP or could easily be adapted to suit, and have been dying to test them out. Alas, work and life have been seriously interfering with my baking plans...until now.  Hurrah for holidays!

The mulberry tree just keeps on giving and giving and despite giving away bags full of the juicy berries, our freezer is rapidly filling up. I think I've filled close to ten litres worth of containers and bags so far and the crop isn't finished yet. So when we were invited to dinner and I offered to bring dessert, this mulberry frangipane looked like just the ticket.

It turned out really well, and several people went back for seconds. I love to make food that I can eat without fear, but that other people greet with "YUM!" rather than a suspicious look and a "What's THAT?"  :)

I'm going to make it again with some modifications, because although it was nice, I thought the filling needed more almond flavour and less egginess to be a true frangipane.

I followed the recipe precisely (apart from substituting spelt flour) and ended up with way too much pastry, so I decided to turn the leftover portion into a berry galette, because I'd seen Nigella whip up an apple and blackberry version on TV just last week, and it looked simple and delicious.

Not so successful....

You know that saying "A face like a dropped pie"? I'm pretty sure this is what it means...

The thing is, like most shortcrust, this pastry is so buttery that it really needs refrigeration for half an hour or so before you attempt to work with it. Me? I'm impatient and decided to skip that part. D'oh! So my over-soft pastry fell to pieces, the berry juice leaked through all the gaps and my rustic pie turned out exceptionally rustic. It tasted fabulous though so I'm going to have a do-over and will blog the recipe once I get it just right.

I still have many, many more recipes to test. Today's experiment is going to be a dairy-free, egg-free chocolate mousse. I'm possibly a little bit TOO excited about that.

Check back over the next week or two for some recipes that will tantalise your tastebuds - and hopefully not look like they were dropped on the floor.



Liz N said...

That berry thingy looks absolutely scrumptious :)

Kek said...

It made an awesome breakfast today with some Greek yoghurt, Liz. :)

Sara said...

'rustic' as a cooking term is something I'm going to embrace for anything I make that doesn't end up looking like the one in the book. ;) BTW, what's with the sidebar shimmy? It's been like that for about a week..

Kek said...

"Rustic" is an endlessly useful term. We've been applying it to our DIY projects for years. ;)

No idea about the sidebar(?) - it's OK on my Mac. This site needs a total overhaul though; things aren't working as they should and it's horrendously slow to load pages. A New Year project that may require professional assistance. Blah.

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