Friday, December 13, 2013


I may have forgotten to mention that I had another birthday last week. When you're silly enough to give birth to one of your children on your special day, it kind of takes a back seat. Well, that's not quite true: Bike Boy and my mini-men always make sure that a fuss is made, bless them. But this year, because it was The Middle Child's twenty-first birthday, my turning fifty-three was just not that big a deal.

Birthday flowers
As well, I had to work on the day - a circumstance which frankly made me more than a bit grumpy. I have not worked on my birthday in thirty-three years, but this year I'm short on leave days, since I've booked up a whopping eight weeks next June-July for our European adventure and have three weeks off after Christmas as well. All in a good cause, but still...

Anyhoo, I got through the day and Bike Boy and I spontaneously decided to go out for dinner to a local Indian restaurant, even though we had a "proper" celebration planned on Friday night with friends. It turned out to be a good day. :)

....and more birthday flowers
For some reason, this year I've noticed a lot more griping from people about being a year older. Friends, folks at work, social media posts, everywhere - so many people are depressed about being 53, or 47, or whatever age they may be turning. Me? I don't recall ever being anxious, upset or sad about another birthday. Partly because I love birthdays (big kid), but also because it's not like you wake up on the day suddenly feeling creakier, crippled, or in any way less able than when you went to sleep the night before.

Mainly, though, I'm always grateful to be seeing another year out. I've lost a couple of dear friends along life's rocky road and I'm pretty sure that both would be ecstatic if they could only celebrate another year with their loved ones.

...and yet MORE birthday flowers!
So I celebrate. I celebrate being fitter and healthier than I was ten years ago. I celebrate being able to walk, run or cycle my way around the beautiful neighbourhood I live in. I celebrate having spent twenty-eight years married to my partner in crime. I celebrate having three sons, all of whom are turning out to be wonderful young men. I celebrate extended family who are always there for me. I celebrate good friends, abundant food, a comfortable lifestyle, fine wine and decadent chocolate. (Yes, even the little things should be celebrated.)

Indian birthday feast - looks terrible, tastes amazing.

If you're a habitual birthday griper, look at it this way: You're going to get older and bitching and moaning never makes anything better. So how about on your next birthday, you decide to change your attitude? I promise you'll be a lot happier.

My favourite part of the world - right here :)
Life is way too short to waste time being miserable about stuff you can't change.

And: I'm grateful for gorgeous shoes at bargain prices

How about you? Do you greet your birthday with enthusiasm, or hide under the covers and hope it won't find you?


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Sara said...

ooooo.. cute shoes! Happy Birthday, another year more fabulous. I'm definitely of the 'why bitch about it' mindset. People that stop celebrating because they hate being older just perplex me. I'm sure on their deathbed they will be so glad that birthdays were a non-event.

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