Thursday, December 26, 2013

My favourite day of the year - and other drivel


Boxing Day: No relatives bickering, no cooking, no cleaning up, no schedule. Cricket on the TV, new books, CDs and DVDs to enjoy, afternoon naps, maybe a bike ride or a walk.

Christmas is fun, but exhausting. I didn't take many photos yesterday, because I was busy EATING ALL THE FOOD and chatting to family, so these are all I have:

Mum always gets the job of organising the entrée because: PRAWNS
Best thing EVER: Vietnamese green mango salad. I'll share the recipe next week.
Death by Chocolate - always a hit. Even with the FODMAPs-intolerant & wheat-avoiding relatives.

And in other news, my nasty allergic reaction is finally improving. It may not look like it, but this is WAY better than it was a few days ago:

That's the worst patch, near my wrist - still quite swollen, very itchy and a bit blistered. The rest still looks ugly, but has flattened out and the best part is: the blisters haven't ruptured. Usually they burst and weep and crust and it's all pretty disgusting. And then there's residual scarring which takes months to fade... The use of an oil-based cortisone cream, which keeps the skin moist, plus firm bandaging has helped reduce that significantly. And on Monday night when I reported back to the doctor and he was unhappy with the progress, he prescribed me a short course of oral prednisolone. That seems to be speeding up the healing nicely.

All pretty drastic treatment for a skin rash, but this is no ordinary rash. At least the raging histamines had settled down by the beginning of this week, which thankfully saw a return of emotional stability in time for Christmas. I doubt my family would have appreciated the presence of Itchy McGrouchy at the festivities. ;o)


I'm now on holidays until the 20th of January; Bike Boy heads back to work right after New Year, but at least we get a week off together. So we're planning on doing a whole lot of reading, cycling, cricket-watching and other low-stress stuff, with maybe a cinema, restaurant or winery outing thrown in. Summer holidays are my favourite!

I hope you all had a happy, relaxed (and non-itchy) Christmas.


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