Saturday, December 07, 2013

Time flies

So, this happened last week:

Yep, son #2 turned twenty-one. I'm good with that. I'm also good with the fact that my baby has finished high school and will be turning eighteen in three weeks' time. That's him on the right there with the sleazy-looking moustache. Thank goodness Movember is over and it's now gone.

But it hit me the other day that #1 son is now only four years away from his THIRTIETH birthday. WTF? I'm so not ready to have children in their thirties...



Sara said...

Oh, you must be getting so very old and wise then? Impart some wisdom. Don't hold back. ;)

Kek said...

Hmm, wisdom? How about this:

It's best NOT to over-cater for a party in the dessert department. A fridge full of "death by chocolate", banoffee pies and orange friands is just way too tempting. Ugh.

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