Monday, January 06, 2014

Holiday happenings - a.k.a. a post about nothing

I have two more weeks of freedom before I have to return to the hum-drumness of office life. So far, I've crammed a ton of nothing very much at all into my time off.

Of course, there was Christmas, and we've been to a couple of BBQs, but other than that, I've been a boring old homebody. Our New Year's Eve consisted of some fabulous home-cooked tapas, a bottle of French champagne and a Vin Diesel movie on TV. Exciting, no?

The bubbles were good, the food excellent and the movie? Um. Vin Diesel. 'Nuff said.
I have managed to grab some bargains in the sales. A gorgeous dress from Jigsaw, reduced by $150 and some new fitness gear at stupidly low prices. I'm not really a pink kind of girl, but when it's on sale, you take whatever colour you can find in your size. There always seem to be so many gorgeous colours and styles in size 6 and size 14. *pouts

Love my new ASICs, even more so at $50 off.
I've committed to participating in a couple of social media "things". It's been a while since I've joined Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day challenge, so January seemed a good time to get back into it. I haven't been especially inspired by any of the prompts yet, but I live in hope.

I'm also doing Katrina Chambers' Everyday Gratefuls challenge, which involves expressing gratitude for something daily. I'm posting mine mostly on Twitter. (If you're looking for it, the the hashtag is #everydaygratefuls)

There's been a bit of cooking going on too... I've posted a couple of recipes over at Fitbodies Food, including these choc-banana pancakes:

Really, really good!
Today got off to a very slow start, thanks to a poor night's sleep, but I have managed a gym workout, got a couple of loads of washing out on the line, browsed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, read the first two pages of a new book and have defrosted some chicken mince to make san choy bow for dinner. I think that's quite enough activity for a holiday Monday, don't you?

Are you still on holidays? If so, are you making the most of the extra time, or are you (like me) being completely and utterly lazy?



Liz N said...

full on training doesn't start until next week, so I have been availing myself of some rather splendid sleep ins :) Love your fitness bargains, I'm not usually a pink chick either, but those look great!

Kek said...

Oh yes, there's been sleeping in here too, Liz. The early starts are going to be a bit painful when I go back to work. :/

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