Friday, January 10, 2014

Summer love

Things I love about summer:

1. It's not winter.

Sunshine and heat, bleached grass and blue skies: My natural habitat. :) When the wind isn't blowing me off my feet (come ON, Melbourne! Get your act together), I'm loving the sunny weather and getting out amongst it as often as I can. Daily walks are becoming a "thing" again, and the bikes will hopefully see a bit more action over the next week too.

2. Fresh summer fruit.

Who can afford raspberries out of season? Not me... frozen berries are great, but there's nothing like the sweetness and tang of a fresh, firm raspberry.

I made my choc-banana pancakes again this morning, but left out the chocolate and added raspberries to the batter instead. And of course the remaining fruit got dumped on top of my breakfast. Noms.

3. Quick, easy and light meals.

This san choy bow is the duck's guts. I made it for dinner on Tuesday and am eating the leftovers for lunch. It literally takes a minute to prepare when the filling is already in the fridge. Get the recipe here.

4. Free, fast drying

I cannot stand wet washing hanging around the house. Yes, we have a super-duper dryer, but electricity costs are obscene, so I prefer not to use it unless I'm desperate. Hurrah for weather that gets the washing dry in an hour!

5. Long, lovely evenings.

There are benefits to living in a southern latitude, and one of those is the long summer days. (We won't speak of the short winter days, OK?)  It's a pleasure to be able to walk to the milk bar at almost 9:00pm in daylight, wearing nothing but shorts and a singlet, and to witness the sun setting over the billabong.

What are your favourite things about summer?



Unknown said...

1. It's light in the mornings.
2. Having social gatherings and not freezing your butt off.
3. Swimming.
4. Shorts, singlets, thongs or summer dresses ... I hate having to wear layers of clothes.
5. Mangoes

Kek said...

Oh yeah, Michelle - mangoes! And I'm with you on the clothing. I love pulling on a pair of shorts and a tank top, rather than umpteen layers. Getting dressed takes next to no time! :)

Anonymous said...

Unlike you I actually hate summer. I hate the heat and the sun and yearn for winter. However... I do enjoy the longer days - even without daylight saving!

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