Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Yoghurt, how I love thee - product review

My love of yoghurt is well-known. Being diagnosed with lactose intolerance last year didn't bother me on most fronts. I mean, I mostly drink long blacks, so giving up my occasional latte wasn't a big deal, and although I do like milk, it's not something I can't live without. Not so yoghurt.

The thought of never again indulging in the creamy, tangy delights of a thick Greek yoghurt brought tears to my eyes. Until the dietitian said the magic words: Jalna has next to no lactose; you should be fine with that.

I was relieved. Not only could I still have yoghurt, but I could have one of my favourite brands. So I've continued to happily stock the fridge with Jalna's Greek yoghurt (only they like to spell it yoghourt - whatever) safe in the knowledge that I'll have no nasty after-effects.

Recently I spotted a couple of newcomers to the Jalna range in my supermarket, but being a creature of habit, hadn't deviated from my usual rut tried and true favourites to give them a try. So when I was offered the chance to take them for a test drive, I was more than happy to do so.

The two new flavours are Sweet & Creamy Greek, which comes in a 1kg pot and an addition to the Premium range, Citrus Splice, which is available in individual 200g containers.

Being in a very lazy mood on holidays and short on ingredients, I haven't done anything fancy with either - but that turned out to be a good thing, because neither needs any zhooshing. They're perfect just as they are, or accompanied by something simple like fruit, nuts or muesli.

Ta-dah! Yesterday's hastily assembled breakfast. Sweet & Creamy Greek yoghurt, some orange segments and a sprinkling of granola that was in a gift hamper I got for Christmas. 

The verdict? Not too sweet, but no maple syrup or other sweeteners required... The sweetness comes from fruit juice concentrate, so no nasty-tasting artificial sweeteners here. The tang of traditional Greek yoghurt is still there, and it's every bit as thick and creamy as I would expect.

I'm a big fan of Jalna's Premium range (mmm, strawberry...) and the Citrus Splice didn't disappoint. Remember those ice creams from your childhood? Biting through the citrus-flavoured ice outer layer, then reaching the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream in the middle - it was the perfect summer combination. Well, this yoghurt has captured the essence perfectly. Creamy, sweet and citrusy, all at once. YUM.

The ingredients get a big tick from me too - milk, milk solids, fruit juice concentrate, natural lemon/lime/orange flavour and the live cultures are all that you'll find here. No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

Jalna gets a massive thumbs-up from me on a number of fronts:

-They're Australian owned and their products are Australian made.
-They're chock-full of probiotic cultures (3 million+ per 100g).
-There's nothing artificial added.
-They are the thickest, creamiest yoghurts I've found.

This morning I made slightly more effort with breakfast, still going for a yoghurt/fruit/granola combo, but layering it parfait-style in a glass so it looked pretty. Aww...

I think these are going to be making a regular appearance in my breakfasts for the rest of the summer.

Hmm. I have half an idea for a mousse-style citrus dessert using one of these yoghurts...will try to stir myself out of my holiday laziness and give it a whirl. Stay tuned.

If you'd like more product information, check out Jalna's website for all the details.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post; no payment was received for reviewing these products. I did however receive free product for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.



Anonymous said...

When I was at fat camp years ago we were only allowed to have Jalna natural yoghurt. Because we were having NO carbs (no fruit, certain veges etc) I remember how deliciously sweet the yoghurt tasted by the end of our time there. Now I can't stand natural yoghurt - other than in recipes. The citrus flavour looks interesting. Does it have lumpy bits or is it smooth?

PS. Am lactose intolerant as well (which I mostly ignore) so Jalna would be a good option for me!

Kek said...

No lumps, Deb, it's lovely and creamy and smooth. I really love this one, but unfortunately, the fruit juice concentrate used to sweeten it must be pear juice because I'm having a mild(ish) reaction as I usually do to polyols. Looks like my family will have to finish off my supplies. :(

Give it a go though, I think you'll like it. At least you can buy it in a single serve tub so if it's not your thing you don't have to waste a whole kg of the stuff. :)

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