Sunday, February 09, 2014

Summer days

Oh, look: it's February already. How did that happen....? Yes, I'm being very slack on the blogging front, but I have plenty of excuses. Here's a quick summary.


I've been back at work for a couple of weeks now and time seems to be a scarce commodity - not helped by the fact that the entire first week I struggled with sleep. Holidays mean late nights and later than usual starts, and sometimes even afternoon naps. All very nice, but the altered routine comes back to bite me on the arse when I have to return to normal.

I seem to be slipping back into my usual pattern again now though, FINALLY. In bed by 10:00pm (ish) and up around 5:30am. So I'm slowly easing back into my early morning training regime and feeling less shattered by mid-afternoon than I was a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of sleep, a friend from work put me onto a great little app that tracks your sleep quality as well as waking you when you're in a light sleep phase, rather than jolting you out of really deep REM sleep. It's called Sleep Cycle and I'm liking it so far. On the mornings when I feel as though I had a crappy night, the app tells me that indeed, I did. I'm also finding the alarm quite good. If you're worried about having your phone next to your head all night, I'm told that switching it to flight mode is the go. Not entirely sure about that, but I've been doing it anyway.


Here are some highlights of the past couple of days:

Watching the sun rise over the parkland on Friday.

Coming across this bloke on our usual Saturday bike ride:

Eastern long-neck turtle
My old mates, the kangaroos. I never get tired of these guys:

There were squillions of them about, but two chatty women scared the rest of them off. 
On the wildlife front, I also discovered a banjo frog in our back yard last night. I have a "thing" for frogs, so was beyond excited about that. I'm now considering how to get a pond into our tiny space to encourage more amphibians to come visit.


I haven't been very productive in the kitchen lately, but I did come up with this strawberry and rhubarb compote last week. Breakfast was a no-brainer for me all week. :)


I have a few fun activities lined up over the coming weeks. We have two weekends away planned in February and March, plus I'm a little theatre piggie at the moment. I saw Grease last Friday (lots of fun!), and I'm off to see the MTC's production of Noel Coward's Private Lives in a couple of weeks. Plus I've bought tickets to three Australian Ballet productions this year and the first one is coming up in March.

I'm also booked for Filex in early April and can't wait to catch up with Liz and hopefully a few other interstate fitness industry friends. The Australian Fitness Expo runs simultaneously with Filex and is always good fun too, so if you're at all interested in health and fitness, get yourself along there. Don't forget, if you work in the industry, you get free entry to the expo, even if you're not attending Filex. You just have to register online and provide proof of employment/industry qualification.

We also have a list of movies we'd like to see, but we're struggling to fit in the time. We even have gift cards from Christmas to pay for them, so will have to make the effort.

By the time I'm finished with all that lot, Easter and ANZAC Day will be imminent and then it'll only be five weeks until we leave on our European trip. I have a feeling that autumn is going to fly by. :)


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Sara said...

You must see The Book Thief. Whole box of tissues required, and don't take hubby, but otherwise it is a must see. ;) That app look interesting. I must seek it.

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