Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bonjour from Paris

My blogging apps are being really buggy, so I was unable to post any photos while we were in Paris. We've since moved on - first to Lyon for an overnight stay, and then to le Bourg d'Oisans, at the foot of the beautiful French alps, where I'm currently lying in bed, coughing up a lung, while Bike Boy pedals his way through the twenty-one hairpin bends of l'alpe d'Huez.

I'm hoping I can get these few photos to publish.... If I succeed, I'll make an effort to write some catch-up posts in the next day or two and share more photos.

Obligatory pose at the Trocadero, with Le Tour Eiffel in the background. Yes, it was cold that morning.

A train ride to Giverny to spend the morning at Monet's beautiful garden was definitely worthwhile.

View of the Seine from Pont Neuf, with (I think) the law courts on the right - this was only a 5-minute stroll from our hotel.

Here's hoping this works... Fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

ah, hope you feel better soon! also that hubby gets his alpe d'huez tshirt for making that climb :)

pics are lovely .. i hope you are having a wonderful trip.


Kek said...

He made the climb, Viviane and he has the shirt, plus a good dose of smug self-satisfaction. ;)

I'm as crook as the proverbial dog and today was a dead loss for me. I basically stayed in bed apart from a quick stop at the supermarket for supplies and some lunch in town. :(

Liz N said...

love the pics Kekky, glad you are having a good time and that Rob did get up Alpe d'huez!

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