Thursday, July 10, 2014


When last we left our intrepid travellers, they were departing Spain. Um...yeah. We've been so busy enjoying the UK that blogging has once again taken a back seat.

Anyhoo....Scotland was a blast. First impressions? Awesome. We got to passport control at Edinburgh airport and the queue for all the non-Brits, non-EU residents was a bit long. *sigh* Surprisingly, it moved quickly and we were greeted very pleasantly by a lovely Scottish man, who politely asked us a couple of questions, smiled, briefly discussed beer with Bike Boy and then wished us a good holiday and waved us on our way. A huge change from the Spanish officials we dealt with, who couldn't care less about you and don't even make eye contact, let alone have a conversation.

We then found the airlink bus to the city and WOOHOO! It had free wifi. On a bus! It also dropped us on Waverley Bridge, right across the road from our hotel. 

As soon as we were checked in we headed for the nearest pub - which was about 50m from the hotel, AND was one on Shauna's recommended list. A pint for Bike Boy, a G&T for me and our evening was off to a great start.

Edinburgh itself was fun. We were right in the Old Town, where you couldn't stumble more than a few metres without happening upon another pub. The castle was only a few minutes walk away, along with a number of other historical sights. The town is just charming, if a bit wonky like most old places, and there's no shortage of things to do. 

There was also pretty much any kind of food you could want - although we drew the line at haggis nachos. That's taking fusion food a little far....

One of our favourite things in Edinburgh was the Literary Pub Tour. If you ever visit, look it up. It's worth a go, especially if you like literature and/or pubs. ;)

We had far too little time to enjoy Edinburgh before we were in our rental car and heading for the highlands. I "knew" intellectually that driving through the UK wasn't the same as driving in Australia. You know, you're off to Bright, or Shepparton, or Wodonga for the weekend. You turn onto the Hume Highway, set your cruise control for 110kmh and barely vary your speed for the next three or four hours. Not in Scotland, Sunshine! 

First, the roads are only two lanes wide. Two narrow lanes. No emergency lanes, no kerbs, no footpaths... If a wide vehicle comes the other way, you may have to move over into the roadside bushes. Or back up a-ways. Then the roads go up and down and around blind corners, often with sheer drops and no crash barriers. Not exactly relaxing driving, but boy, is it pretty! 

We made it to Inverness unscathed though. Turns out there's way more than whisky to see around there. This post is already getting a bit long though, so Inverness will have to wait. 

More anon...

P.S. Sorry, can't seem to add links. Will have to wait till I get home to a real computer, not some shitty mobile device.

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