Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Introducing The Ten Minute Project

Thanks to our extended holiday, being flat-out busy and if I'm honest, a complete lack of motivation, things around our home have been sadly neglected of recent months. The place is, quite frankly, a bit of a mess. With September upon us, I seem to have acquired a desire to get it do a bit of Spring cleaning, if you will. But I stand in the middle of a room, look around, sigh and don't even know where to start. There's so much to do it's simply overwhelming, and so I end up doing nothing. 

It's driving me mad because I can't find my favourite shoes, that pair of pants I want to wear NOW, my youngest son's birth certificate, or the lead for that gadget that needs charging.

So I've devised a plan that's brilliant in its simplicity. I've called it The Ten Minute Project and it involves breaking big jobs down into ten-minute chunks. Instead of aiming to clear and clean the entire house, or even a whole room, I just pick a small area to work on at a time. It doesn't sound like much, but I figure if I spend ten minutes every day on de-cluttering and tidying up, things should be a lot more ship-shape by the end of the month. Thirty times ten minutes adds up to five hours - who has the time, stamina or attention span to do five hours straight of tidying and de-junking? This way, I get it done without it even feeling like any effort at all.

I began last night with the tallboy in our bedroom. The top of it had disappeared under discarded earrings and necklaces, piles of papers I'd cleaned out of my handbag, odd buttons, coins, a couple of books and other flotsam that had somehow landed there. I set a timer on my phone for ten minutes and set to it. It's now clear, dusted and everything is neatly in its place (or in the bin). 

Tonight's job was the laundry. Eesh. Take a look:

That's all a bit much for one ten minute chunk, so I elected to focus on just the bench for now:

Before: Random crap and a nice layer of dust, lint and spilled washing powder.

After: Tidy, clear and all sparkly clean again. Let's hope I can save that poor orchid...

I actually had some time left over tonight, so tidied up the shoe rack in the mud room as well. Go, me. :D

I think my Ten Minute Project is so bloody brilliant, I'm issuing a challenge - or an invitation if you prefer - to anyone who'd like to join me. Spring-clean September will be much more fun than Sugar-free September, I promise. There are only two rules:

1. You must spend ten minutes tidying or cleaning or throwing-out. Set a timer or use a clock so you stick to the allotted time. If you want to keep going once the ten minutes is up, go right ahead, but ten minutes is all that's required.

2. Anything you remove from the area you're working on has to be put away in its correct place or thrown out. No moving piles of crap from one place to another, the point is to reduce the stuff sitting around.

Easy, no? Who wants to join me?



Debstar said...

Oh poor Kek, no one has left a comment so all your faithful readers must be as lazy as me and have decided you're one your own with this one. lol

Debstar said...

I should add that I really like your tidy laundry.

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