Friday, June 05, 2015

Ten things I like about winter

Anyone who knows me, or who has read this blog for any length of time (a big hello! to my three dedicated readers), knows that I'm a committed winter-hater.

It's especially difficult for me this year because:

a) We just got back from the tropics. Boarding a plane in 32º and disembarking into 4º is not amusing, let me tell you; and

b) Melbourne has been afflicted with a record-breaking cold snap, the coldest start to winter in 65 years. Brrr! I expected to be eased into the season with gradually descending temperatures, but nope.

Instead of following my usual M.O. and whinging constantly about it, I decided this morning that I'd try to see the good side. I set myself a task on Twitter, to find ten good things about winter. The first few were pretty easy, then I ran out of ideas. Except for food. There's hot soup, hot tea, hot toddies, hot casseroles, hot pies, hot chocolate... but ten food-related "good things" would be cheating. *sigh*

It took me more than six hours, but here's my list:

Of course, that last one is a bit of a stretch, because I usually put my pyjamas on the minute I get home from work, whether it's daylight or not.

What do you like about winter? If you're a winter-lover, you're not invited to answer, by the way. This lady said it best:



Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

Hi Kerryn, i'm with you, i hate winter! I can't handle the cold. The worse is i feel guilty about it because winter in Australia (Sydney) is not that bad at all If i compare to other countries i've lived in (France, UK, Japan). The worse about winter here is knowing my friends and family in France are enjoying 30 degrees heat, BBQ and other fun things we do in France in summer and seeing their status updates and photos on FB! The 1 thing i like about winter: Masterchef is on TV for most if it!

Kek said...

We were so spoiled last year, Cyndie - spending June & July in Europe was fabulous. I'm planning to find some fun winter (indoor) activities this year to keep me occupied and distracted from how cold it really is. Wineries, art galleries, day spa visits are all possibilities. :)

Sara said...

The log burner. And snuggling with Razzy at night. In summer I'm like 'get OFF me!', but these days it's 'come HERE you big, chunky fluffball'.

Kek said...

I wish I had big fat fluffball. Alas for the men of the house who suffer severe cat allergies. *pouts*

Debstar said...

I sleep so much better in winter and I do love to sleep. Plus you will never wake up to the sound of one fat buzzing fly that keeps landing on your arm or leg. How do those little bastards make it into a bedroom when the whole house has flyscreens?

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