Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Genius approach to mammography

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Being proactive about your health means paying attention to so many things. There’s the food you eat, maintaining a healthy weight, being active, getting enough sleep and minimising stress. But no matter how many veggies you eat or how many kilometres you can run without breaking a sweat, you still need to make sure you have regular medical screening tests. And for we women in the 40-55 age bracket, mammograms are right there at the top of the list of important tests.

Most of us have been affected in some way by breast cancer; if not personally, we have a friend, a sister, a mother, a grandmother or an aunt who’s been diagnosed. I’ve participated in a number of Mother’s Day Classics to raise funds for breast cancer research because it’s a cause I feel strongly about, having lost a close friend to the disease ten years ago. I also feel strongly about nagging every woman I know to get regular mammograms.

It’s well known that early detection is important, because finding invasive breast cancers early increases the chance of surviving the disease. If found before spreading to the lymph nodes, the 5 year survival rate is close to 100% (96%).

Early detection is where Genius 3D mammography comes in. Around 8 million women around the world have benefited from Genius 3D mammography. Unlike 2D mammography, which produces a flat image, this technology takes a series of images – thin “slices” – which are used to build a 3D image, giving a much clearer view of the breast tissue. It allows the radiologist to examine your breasts layer by layer, making it easier to detect abnormalities. It really is genius.
It’s no more uncomfortable than a regular 2D mammogram; in fact the process from the patient’s point of view is very similar.

Genius 3D mammography is proven to detect 41% more invasive breast cancers than traditional 2D mammography alone. That’s a pretty huge number. It’s also proven to reduce false positives by 15-40%. This means earlier detection than ever before and less anxiety about unnecessary further testing, including often uncomfortable biopsies. Nobody needs an anxious wait for further test results, which turn out to be nothing at all.
All women can benefit from 3D mammography, but certain high-risk women may derive particular benefit, such as:

  • Women with dense breasts (women in their 40s who are not actively targeted by BreastScreen);
  • Women who have noticed changes, i.e. a lump;
  • Women with a strong family history;
  • Women with a previous diagnosis of breast disease;
  • Or those with a suspicious finding from a previous 2D mammogram.

You do need a referral from your GP to a Genius 3D Mammography clinic, so if you think you would benefit from this technology, have a chat with your doctor.

To find more information, or your nearest Genius 3D Mammography clinic, visit www.genius3D.com.au


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