Friday, January 01, 2016

I Quit... Common Sense?

If you think sugar or carbs make you fat, and that giving them up is the answer to gaining your "perfect body", then listen up. I'll tell you the REAL secret for free:

I know, it's a very short story.

No matter how desperate you are to shift those extra kilos, you don't need to quit sugar, ditch carbs or jump on any of those other stupid diet bandwagons. All you have to do is achieve this simple equation:

calories in < calories out

It makes no difference what those calories are made up of. Honest. Theoretically, you could eat nothing but broccoli and gain weight, IF you managed to eat more calories worth of broccoli than you use in an average day. Of course that's not likely because most people don't love broccoli enough to gorge on it, plus it has so much fibre, you'd fill up before you hit the calorie number required to start storing the surplus as fat.

Conversely, you can LOSE weight eating nothing but cheese. Or Big Macs. Or ice cream. As long as you hit that sweet spot with total calories. I don't recommend it, by the way, any more than I recommend the all-broccoli diet.

It's certainly easier to overeat some high-calorie foods, but the answer is not to cut them out of your life. At best, that road leads to feelings of deprivation, hunger and general grumpiness. At worst, it can lead to a long period of yo-yo dieting and/or eating disorders.

Even if you do manage to stick to a no-carb diet for a period, it can turn you into you a smug arsehole, and there are enough of them in the world already (and most of them have published diet books). I'm unfollowing smug arseholes like mad and my life is better for it.

You don't need an app that tells you to stop being a fat bitch (seriously, it was a thing last week!) or a celebrity chef's recipe book that sees your grocery budget doubling. Stop following diet pages on Facebook. You're smarter than that. Eat more veggies, more fruit, drink more water, pay attention to your hunger - and get off the couch and move.

If you're struggling and really do need help overhauling your diet, go see a qualified dietitian or university-qualified nutritionist (if you're in NZ, look here) not a self-appointed "wellness" guru who's done a dodgy online course and has NFI what they're talking about. 



Liz N said...

Hurrah for Captain Obvious and his sidekick Mrs Obvious! Happy New Year!

Kek said...

The world needs Captain Obvious to counteract all the nitwits making money from desperate people.

Unknown said...

You need an avatar with a cape :)

Kek said...

I so do. What would my alter-ego be named?

Sara said...

Or Registered Nutritionist. ;) Fistpump for uni-educated Nuts.

Liz N said...

Mrs Obvious :)

Kek said...

I'm definitely not overlooking uni-qualified nutritionists, Sara - I just couldn't find a link to a registry for them. If you know of one, let me know!

Debstar said...

Sadly, I bought that I Quit book early last year. Read it. Gave it away. Really pissed that I spent so much money on it.

Kek said...

Every time I see it in a bookshop, I move it to the "fiction" section. True story. ;)

Sara said...

For Australia:
For NZ:

I wish we had a fancy drop down menu like the Aussie site has.... (pouting)

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