Sunday, January 03, 2016

Jumping in feet first - Day 1

My "build good habits and be kind to myself" challenge began in earnest yesterday, and I'm pretty happy with progress.

First up, I grabbed my camera and took myself out for a walk. About 45 minutes of stalking wildlife seemed like a good start to my plan to move every day.

Later, whilst out on an emergency coffee-buying mission, I ducked into Target and grabbed a few items of office wear (on sale!). Although I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes, my choices are severely limited at the moment, thanks to the extra padding I'm carrying. I'd made excuses and put off buying anything new, but squeezing yourself into too-tight clothes or wearing the same three or four things that fit day in, day out does not exactly boost one's self-esteem. So now I have a small but serviceable wardrobe that'll do me for the next few weeks - and since I'm handy with a sewing machine, most of it can be taken in as the kilos vanish.

A visit to the nail salon in the afternoon for a much-needed mani/pedi topped off my day. How good are those massaging foot spa chairs?

Pretty pink toes. Ignore the scratches from recent gardening adventures.

I think I'm getting the hang of this. Onwards.



Liz N said...

Great looking tootsies!

Sara said...

I head for a massage chair on autopilot whenever I spot one. It's like.. and uncontrollable force that pushes me towards it and I am but helpless in its grip. I don't like the ones in shopping malls though that shake your upper body in a way that makes your boobs gyrate like crazy.

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