Sunday, January 10, 2016

Outdoor therapy

I'm linking up with Sara's blog post about the value of "vitamin N" - a dose of nature always does me good. Well, except for when I accidentally brush against one of those grevilleas I'm allergic to. Blah. But all those studies about the effect of nature on stress levels and mental health only reinforce what I know to be true. I definitely notice an improvement in my mood when I spend more time out in the fresh air.

With that in mind, I took advantage of the reasonably cool weather yesterday morning, and headed out for a walk along the edge of the parkland that borders our little residential area. I was a bit late getting going, so wasn't sure I'd find any wildlife to stalk, but I needn't have worried. Since it was overcast, there were heaps of kangaroos out in the open. I don't have a video like Sara's, but I did get some decent photos...

Towards the end of my walk, there's a small pond that collects stormwater from the nearby streets. One muscular fellow had stopped there for a drink. I'm always grateful for my 250mm lens that lets me get close-up shots whilst keeping my distance. Males like this one are a bit taller than me - up to 180cm - and I don't fancy my chances if they decide to get territorial.

It's actually a big park, mostly reclaimed farmland. At the top of a hill there's a sweeping view across to the Kinglake and Yarra Ranges. There's also a handy seat where I can stop and enjoy the serenity. You'd never guess there's a street full of houses about 150m behind me.
The young male roos tend to hang out in packs. These guys looked up from their grazing, but didn't budge as a couple of cyclists, a dog walker (and moi) passed within about ten metres of them.

Around the corner, a low and boggy bit of land has been turned into a billabong, which is always teeming with bird life. I was tickled to discover last week that Ma and Pa swan have a new brood to fuss over.

My mate the pelican comes and goes too, sometimes with a friend. He looks like he's having a good laugh here.

I do enjoy combining my "move it" objective with some outdoor therapy. If the weather gods are kind next weekend, I'll take the mountain bike out for a spin and go a bit further afield. 


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Sara said...

OMG, the baby swans! They are adorable. Roos were one of things that I couldn't wait to see. We heard all about them in school as an icon of Aussie, and when I finally saw one in person, I was completely fascinated.

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