Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Worst excuse ever

On Saturday I spent a wakeful night with severe pain across my right shoulder blade. I woke up tired and grumpy on Sunday and had the perfect excuse to skip my planned weights session at the gym. I got up, drank some coffee, took some Panadol and sulked for half an hour, telling myself that it was FINE to just sit on the couch. A lengthy mental argument ensued but finally common sense won out.

The result? I skipped the weights workout, but headed off to the gym to do cardio instead. I came home feeling good about sticking to my "move it" commitment, without having aggravated the knotted up muscles in my neck and shoulder. Total win.

Monday saw me front up for an hour of torture treatment with my osteopath. I left feeling considerably better and miraculously able to turn my head to the right once more. "Good job", I told myself. "That's your do something nice for yourself thing for today." I followed orders, resting my shoulder and applying heat packs throughout the afternoon.

In the evening, I was feeling a bit guilty about not moving it that day. After all, it was my shoulder/neck that was injured, not my legs. A walk seemed reasonable, but it had been raining, so once again the excuses popped up and an internal argument ensued. Finally, I announced to the family that I was going out for a walk. There, I thought. I've made a commitment now, I have to do it.

I retrieved my shoes from under the bed and opened my drawer to get some socks. There was nothing in there but a couple of odd socks. Seriously, I have no idea where my socks go... I stood there with a black sock in one hand and a green and white sock in the other and unbelievably, the excuses started up again.

I can't go, I don't have any socks.
Oh, really? What are those in your hands?
They don't match.
Oh, FFS. You're not going to visit the Queen.
I need matching socks.
Put the bloody odd socks on and get moving.

I actually laughed out loud at myself, it was so ridiculous. I put my shoes and (odd) socks on, grabbed my camera and headed out. It didn't rain on me and I was rewarded for my effort by the sight of this guy up at the billabong:

...and some stunning skies as well.

The moral of this story? If you can recognise when you're just making stupid excuses and push them away, the rewards will be more than worth it. (Or possibly if you resign yourself to wearing odd socks, you'll see a pelican?)



Sara said...

hehehe "Oh, FFS, you're not going to visit the Queen" :D Usually I just work out in my work clothes. I figured out that it was the changing clothes bit that I didn't like. Clothes can be washed.

Kek said...

Oh, I would totally skip a workout at night if I had to get changed to do it. Way too much effort. LOL

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