Monday, February 01, 2016


It's the first day of February, and you know what that means: FebFast. All over Australia, folks are locking up the beer fridge, avoiding the pub and showing up for work a little less bleary-eyed.

There are several months where abstaining from alcohol (and donating to charity) is encouraged, but anybody with any sense picks February because, HELLO! it only lasts 28 days. Dry July and Ocsober can bite me; three whole extra days sans grog? Hell, no.

Disclaimer: I'm not actually quitting drinking altogether - my plan is more like kind of FebFast Lite. I'll be giving myself a free pass on a few occasions, partly because I have a busy social calendar this month, and partly because if I slap a total ban on anything, my rebellious streak goes into overdrive and it usually backfires spectacularly. So if you see me posting Instagram shots of my dinner with a glass of wine in the background, don't go all judgy, OK?

Being back at work helps a lot. Holidays are great, but there's nothing like the knowledge that you can sleep in next morning to encourage you to have a few extra drinks in the evening. On the other hand, a 5:30am alarm is a pretty good incentive to avoid a hangover.

Because we're conscientious folks, Bike Boy and I have put in a superhuman effort and emptied our wine supplies over the past month. I know, bloody champions or what? It's way less tempting to open a bottle with dinner when you have to get in the car and drive to Liquorland to buy one, rather than just grab it out of the stash in the dining room.

Apart from the obvious health benefits of not drinking/drinking less, I find it much easier to stick to my exercise and food goals when I'm off the booze. Seriously, a few wines and I completely lose touch with my hunger. Tipsy Kek is quite likely to decide that buttered toast, half a box of Savoury Shapes or second dessert is a great idea at 10:00pm. As for getting out of bed to hit the gym... not likely with a little hammer tap-tap-tapping inside my skull.

Is anyone else joining me? A bit of moral support would be nice; leave a comment and let me know.



Debstar said...

Absolutely in there with you Kek. Hubby and I have been doing the FebFast for almost 20 years now for exactly the same reason that you stated....28 days. I never could start the healthy diet and abstinence thing in January, too many left overs including left over wine bottles that didn't get opened. And Feb fell on a Monday this year. How good is that, I like starting these things on a Monday.

Kek said...

Yep, Deb, we hosted Christmas at ours and seriously over-catered in the drinks department. Those damn unopened surplus wine bottles were way too tempting. All gone now, except for a stash of Champagne, Prosecco and Cava - and I manage to resist opening sparkling wine, because once it's opened, you have to drink it all. ;)

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