Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Airpocket travel organiser

Way back at the beginning of 2015, I spotted a Facebook post about a Kickstarter project to fund a business idea. It caught my eye because it was travel-related. The idea was brilliantly simple: to create a product for airline passengers to keep all their stuff organised in their seat pocket.  

I usually have a horrible time trying to find things once I've placed them in the seat pocket, and I'm paranoid about disembarking and leaving behind something important, like my phone or passport. So I didn't need much persuading to back the project. The risk was low in dollar terms and the benefit extremely enticing - to be one of the first to receive an Airpocket at a low, low price.

It took a little longer than I expected for the whole thing to come to fruition, but it was worth the wait. My Airpocket arrived the other day and it's a top-quality item. 

For a quick test of its capacity, I shoved most of the things I'd usually carry on board a flight inside:

It zipped up easily and still had room for more.

That's most of what I'd carry on board: iPad, reading glasses, Kindle, passport (and boarding pass), pen, ear buds and Ventolin. My phone is missing because I used it to take the photo, duh. There was still plenty of room for a few extra essentials: some basic toiletries and medications, my compact camera, and maybe a travel guide for when I get bored with novels or the in-flight entertainment. My noise-cancelling headphones won't fit, but I can live with that. They're a bulky item anyway, and I'm not likely to leave them behind.

There's a handy thingy that slips over the handle of your suitcase, and a detachable shoulder strap, so you can go hands-free if you like.

The only thing I'm unhappy about is that I didn't buy the extra accessories that fit inside the Airpocket at the initial super-cheap price offered to backers. Looks like I'm going to have to pay full price for those, because I've decided I must have them.

Now I just need to go somewhere so I can test it out properly.

This was my first time ever supporting a Kickstarter project. Have you ever backed a new product? how did it work out?


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