Sunday, March 06, 2016

Easiest Thai curry ever

Who doesn't love Thai food? Judging from the number of Thai restaurants and takeaways in Melbourne, not very many people.

We eat Thai dishes most weeks, but we rarely buy takeaway because they're so easy to make at home, not to mention much cheaper.

Bike Boy is usually the head chef, but he's away at the moment, saving the world or something, so cooking the evening meal is down to me. Today I decided to get a bit organised, and whipped up this easy green curry for a meal during the week.

When I come home from work and can't be arsed fussing around in the kitchen, all I have to do is cook some rice and reheat this bowl of deliciousness. I may even pre-cook the rice too.

I promise you, it's super-simple and can be cooked from scratch within half an hour. You will thank me for sharing. The recipe is over here.*

*I really do have good intentions of combining my blogs, and moving the whole thing over to Wordpress, but just do not have the time right now. I think that'll be a project for my retirement...